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Relationships | Experiences | Opportunities  | Human Resources in Colorado and Beyond

These words are the cornerstone of how REO Consulting does business. We strive to develop deep relationships with all of our clients, to understand their business and help
them grow their most important asset: People.

From Talent Acquisition, to Career Transition Coaching, to HR on Call, our talented team of Human Resources consultants can help your company’s HR department run smarter. Our team is based in Colorado, but we help companies across the country with their recruitment and human resources needs. From Florida to California and everywhere in between, we take the time to research local labor markets and conditions and help our clients understand their hiring environment and develop competitive compensation packages to attract and maintain top-tier talent.

Whether your company has 200 employees or two, a budget large or small, our flexible services model works with you to get you the help you need, when you need it.

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