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Our Performance Reviews and Engagement services can help organizations develop a comprehensive performance evaluation process. This unique model includes working with managers to develop a consistent and constructive process for evaluating employee performance as well developing systems for employees to evaluate their managers and their own performance. The ultimate goal of performance management is to engage all employees and improve the quality of work in the most efficient manner possible.

Competitive Salary and Benefit information is crucial for attracting and keeping the best talent. REO Consulting can help companies remain competitive in all stages of the employment cycle. Creating or filling a position? Or maybe you want to make sure your existing employees don’t start looking elsewhere for better compensation? We’ll provide you with salary information, unique to your industry and job description. And we always keep it local — whether the job is in Denver or Des Moines, the information will reflect costs of living and the job market specific to your location.

Losing good employees is always bad for business, and in today’s competitive labor market finding replacements can take months. REO Consulting can help you learn from employee turnover by providing exit interview services for your departing employees. Having a neutral third-party conduct these interviews creates an environment that is more comfortable for exiting employees, allowing them to share honest and constructive feedback. The valuable lessons learned from these interviews can help you correct issues you may not even know exist — improving your business’s retention, efficiency and bottom line.

Best of the best! REO helps with all of our HR needs, from talent acquisition and retention to helping create employee handbooks to helping with off-boarding. They are extremely responsive and provide exceptional customer service. We would recommend REO to ANYONE looking for HR services!
– J.S., Denver

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