Collaborating with REO Consultants

Did you apply for one of our positions? Curious about who REO Consulting is and what we do?

REO Consultants are retained talent acquisition specialists who act as an external HR representative for our clients. Our clients are established companies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, non-profits, real estate and business and consumer services, and more.

Unlike traditional recruiters we are not paid on contingency and we are not “competing” with other firms to fill the position. As retained talent acquisition consultants, we are paid a flat fee by our clients for our work, and we solely represent the company in the hiring process.  We do not keep a database of candidates, nor will we ever interview candidates for jobs that do not exist. We know our clients well (we’ve worked with many of them for years!), so you can feel confident that we know all of the details of both the company and the position and can expertly evaluate if your skills and experience will be a great fit for the role.

While REO Consulting represents employers, we recognize that one of our most important commodities is our candidates.  Focusing on pulling back the layers and getting to know the talent we engage with is our top priority.  Our mission is to connect with people.  Knowing what a candidate is seeking for their next career move is vital to ensuring that this is the right opportunity with the right employer.  The REO Consulting process is unique – our purpose is to not simply fill an open position, but to mine the perfect fit for both the employer and the candidate.

I really appreciate how gracious and communicative you’ve been throughout the process. I get the sense that you genuinely care about the people on both sides that you’re bringing together, which unfortunately is rate in the job search environment.”

Eric S.

Denver Employee Services

Preparing for your REO Screening Interview

Congratulations on making it to a screening interview with an REO Consultant!  This is your time to shine.  At this point in the interview process, your day and time will have been confirmed.  Be prepared to discuss why you are a good fit for the opportunity.  If you have any questions beforehand, reach out to your consultant.

– Be on time.  No exceptions.

– If you must reschedule, contact your team member for availability. (Ghosting is not only unprofessional, it will remove you from consideration for future opportunities).

– Make sure the team member you are interviewing with has your most recent resume.

– Review the job description and research the organization.

– Your environment should be professional, minimize interruptions and come prepared.

– Prepare a few questions to learn more about the position.

– Relax and enjoy the conversation!