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Typical recruiting agencies charge contingency fees that can cost employers tens of thousands of dollars per hire. Your recruiter also may be recruiting for dozens of different positions at any given time, so while filling the job at your company is your number one priority, it may not be your recruiter’s.

REO Consulting does things differently. Our competitive, flexible pricing model provides you with a cost effective, quality hiring process without hefty fees or contracts. And our Talent Acquisition consultants only work on a handful of projects at a time. This conscientious scheduling ensures that we can take the time to fully understand your hiring goals and standards, and develop a plan that meets your timeline.

And while we may be in Denver, our clients are located all across the country. We take the time to understand your location and provide our clients with insight into the local labor market and the going wage for similar positions.

Want to hear what one of our clients has to say about REO Consulting’s Talent Acquisition Services? Read on!
“I have worked with Barbara and her team for a number of years and have found them to be extremely professional in every aspect of the search process. They develop a specific schedule and stick to it, which is so very important when you are on a tight time frame. Barbara in particular has an extraordinary ability to understand what you are looking for in a candidate and then finding them! Her ability to screen application and bring the best forward is priceless! Finally, she makes the hiring process fun – have you ever been able to say that?” – B.G., Denver

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